After tattooing 2 representations of this client’s ancestors on his neck, speaking into his ears, he came to me with a sketch for his back. The trunk is a black power fist, with branches and roots representing and celebrating his ancestors. The branches fade from black to opaque gray, representing the fact that his genealogy may be untraceable, but the bright autumn leaves represent the power and brightness those lost ancestors passed on. (Blackwork and color tattoo done by Michael DeMatty at Black & Blue Tattoo in San Francisco.)


che koi


This was a tricky cover up. His dragon was fairly large, and there was black writing coming down the other side of his arm. The ink was still dark and dense. I designed the koi, leaves, and background water to mask the existing tattoos, using the dragon’s shape in the new design. The rest was achieved by using certain colors and inks, and applying them a certain way. Done by Michael DeMatty at Black & Blue Tattoo in San Francisco.